Well Finn got his first acupuncture treatment last Wednesday. I thought it would go something like this: stick tiny little needles in my horse's back that he can't even feel while he stands on the crossties for half an hour and falls asleep, while I chat to the vet. But this is Finn we're talking about. The second he saw the vet he pinned his ears and started dancing around. She tried to put one needle near his withers and he practically jumped through the roof. We couldn't tell if he was in THAT much pain, or if he was remembering/anticipating the back injection attempt from the week before. She gave him a teensy bit of sedation, her assistant put a towel over his eyes, and the vet was able to get about 8 needles in-- not even the full amount that she usually uses. Once he had the needles in he did completely relax, and melt his head into her assistant. She is coming out again on Wednesday for another course of treatment. This past week we also had the farrier out to change the angles on his fronts slightly, as per vet's instructions post x-ray, and the dentist out on Sunday. The dentist said his teeth looked awesome, and it only took him about 20min (as opposed to the 2 hours it took him a year ago) to get his chomps looking perfect. All of this maintainence that will hopefully lead to a happy and sound horse...someday!