In a slump

Been pretty quiet over here. I had a terrible stomach bug for almost two weeks and didn't make it up to the barn once during that time. Luckily Finn is practically in full training and has been ridden a lot lately by my trainer. She rides him all week and then I ride him on Saturdays in a lesson. After two weeks of not riding my lesson this past weekend had my legs feeling like jello. On the other hand Finn felt AMAZING. He feels so forward and for the first time ever...comfortable! His canter still has a lot to be desired, but I think that's more in part to my canter anxiety. I watched trainer canter him at the end of my lesson and he had a super stretchy canter that I just can't get him to do yet. He's also getting super hunky and building a top line again. He really feels 110% sound...the best he's ever felt in the two years I've had him.
    I've been in a pretty big slump in terms of my personal/professional life and where I see my life going outside of the horse world. Hopefully things turn around soon. It's certainly really nice to not have to worry about my horse, and know he's getting some quality training in while I'm not there. Will post some photos and videos tomorrow.

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  1. Sorry to hear you're in a non-horse related slump. I know what that's like for sure.