Scary things

Last fall I got a GoPro camera. We used it a few times for hiking, but I never had a chance to use it riding because Finn was always off. Now that I'm training this little one I think I'll use it a lot more! Today I introduced her to lots of "scary objects" (noodles, metallic windshield cover, a plastic table cloth, a feather boa, and hula hoops). I let her explore everything on her own first, and then led her through and walked her around the indoor. She wasn't scared of any of the things and willing walked over/through everything. She is very, very curious and although she is still skittish, she basically just freezes if she's scared. She has been in her stall since last Friday because her individual paddock doesn't open up until tomorrow. Luckily, the barn manager has been putting her in the indoor for a couple of hours a day though. She also doesn't even mind being inside, but I'm sure she'll be psyched to get out tomorrow. I really didn't even know it could be this fun. Is this what I've been missing? I just love her so much!!


  1. I have a feeling she will figure out how to get that halter off soon! She is going to be so much fun for you :)

    1. Wait a minute...taking all of my brushes out my tack box when I walked away for a minute, AND taking all 10 of the crops and whips off the wall in the indoor wasn't enough? She's going to take her halter off too???! Lol, I LOVE it!

    2. Oh yeah. Haffies are super smart and have an escape artist gene in them. And a curiosity gene. And just the right amount of cuteness so you can never be mad at them. You are going to have a ton of fun with her :)

    3. I've never felt this way about a horse in my life and I've only had her a week! I'm completely in love. I had her in the indoor the other day and she was nearly impossible to catch, but then she kept looking back at me with her ears pricked like, aren't you going to chase me?! It so wasn't a defiant thing, more like a, lets play thing. :) I'm fairly certain that is how life is going to be with her!!! :)