Winter Blues

It is about this time of year every year that I start looking for jobs for the hubby in Virginia, Georgia, North Carolina, or South Carolina. I start dreaming about lush grass, miles of groomed trails, riding in an outdoor under the sun in short sleeves, and giving my filthy horse a bath. Then I realize there's no way we could make the sort of money we do in Massachusetts anywhere else. I absolutely can't stand the winter and it is about this time of year that it really gets to me. Throw out any sort of consistency I've had about getting up to the barn and riding on a regular basis. I haven't seen my horse since my lesson on Monday. It's been about 10 degrees here, with the windchill below zero. I just can't dress comfortably for this weather and ride too. I wear wool socks, winter riding boots, under armour base layers top and bottom, winter riding pants, two sweaters, vest, heavy jacket, two pairs of gloves, hat, and I just CAN'T GET WARM. Throw any sort of motivation to ride right out the window with that consistency.
       All I want to do is go out for a hack with my horse and canter through a field. I can handle 30 degrees, even 20, but this 10 and below crap with tons of wind and ice I can't take. I really need to get up to see him and get some of his energy out before his training ride this Saturday. The horses have been in the past two days due to the windchill and ice, and the barn manager said they'd most likely be in tomorrow too. Even if I don't ride, maybe I'll set up a jump chute and play around with him in the indoor. Better than nothing!
      I also have been checking out the calendars to see what our first show should be. I'm thinking of asking my trainer if she'll take us to a 2-phase May 5th put on by the Old North Bridge Pony Club (http://www.onbpc.org/our-shows/enter-foss-2-phase).
Maybe having an actual goal to work towards won't make me resent winter so much!!

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  1. Oh show season is upon us! :)

    Hoping warm weather comes your way soon!