These are Finn's new shoes! After getting the all clear from the vet about going back into slow work after shoeing, my farrier ordering his special pads, and him getting shod today, I am psyched to be able to tack him up tomorrow and ride him around at the walk to see how he feels. My farrier trotted him out after his appt. today, and although he said he still looked a little off, I thought he looked pretty good and pretty sound. He is in aluminum shoes up front, with flapper/combi pads, and regular steel shoes behind. Farrier said he could pull hind shoes because I'll basically be walking/trotting for a month, but I decided we're better off just keeping him in shoes. I will walk him tomorrow, and if he feels good I will attempt a bit of a trot. I also put him on SmartSox, after reading lots of great reviews about it increasing hoof circulation.

I've been riding Ben a lot, and he's a total blast. Every ride is consistent, and easy, and just fun. He is the packer I can take out on solo trail rides. He's the horse I don't have any nerves with. He's the horse I can jump a 2'6 course on and look good doing it. I don't worry about anything when I ride him.

Although I'm excited when I get to ride Ben....he is no Finn. I am so, so, SO excited to get on my little 15.3h, no-muscles, neurotic, kinda quirky TB tomorrow, than I ever am about riding the $40k, A-Circuit warmblood.

Finn is full of this goofy, lovable, infectious personality. He is young enough that I can make something out of him. Ben is a been-there-done-that 15yr old warmblood that requires regular maintenance and injections to stay sound. I may not look "good" on Finn, like I do on Ben, but I think down the road we can get there together. I love my little guy and I can't wait to get back on him tomorrow.

Funny story-- vet gave me some injectable sedation for Finn so farrier could do a really great, accurate shoeing on him today, without Finn yanking his hooves away. Sedation more powerful than Ace, and what Finn's dentist usually uses to make him nice and sleepy. Well, I sedate him 20min before farrier is due to arrive...and it doesn't do a god damn thing. Farrier shows up and says... "Leave it to Finn!" Yep...leave it to Finn!

My daughter riding my friend's draft cross


  1. Oh those shoes are interesting!! Hope they work wonders for him :)

    Cauute pic of your daughter!!

  2. Those shoes are fancy! So glad you get to get back on Finn soon!

  3. Those shoes are something else.

    My trainers daughters horse has navicular and he is on smartsox. I don't know what it does for his overall soundness but his feet look seriously incredible. I have never seen prettier feet. When he was first put on it and you could see the new growth the line difference was nuts. Now you just see 100% awesome foot.

    Hope you have a fun ride!

  4. That picture of your daughter is adorable. I'm glad to hear that things are getting better with Finn!