Cavalia Odysseo

This past Tuesday me and hubby had a date night at Cavalia Odysseo, which is similar to Cirque Du Soleil, but has horses! 

We had VIP seats, which included, dinner, open bar, a beautiful program from the gift shop, dessert at intermission, awesome seats (we were 6th row, dead center), and a stable tour after. It was beautiful, magical, and so extravagant. The horses were phenomenal, and I fell in love with a few grey arabians. What surprised me was how small most of the horses were, a lot of them were under 16h, and much closer to 15h. After the show, which ended in a flooding of the stage and a gorgeous grey piaffing his way through a few inches of water (gorgeous!), we headed backstage to meet the horses. While we weren't allowed to touch any of them, we were able to take pictures and see them up close. I think the coolest thing was that this entire world was housed under these tents: the show, the gorgeous VIP tent where we ate, and the stabling. 

VIP tent


Happy to see that nearly every horse had standing wraps on

Wash stalls...in a tent? Crazy!

One of my favorite grey's

After each show all the horses get their manes braided

Well deserved nap time


  1. How cool and fun!! Sounds like an awesome night!!

  2. Wow. Very cool! I would love to see that show