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I know I haven't blogged in a long time. I haven't wanted to go up to the barn much, or really even ride, these past few weeks. I was gearing up for Finn's big move on September 1st, but yesterday the woman who trailers him asked if he could move today instead. Because I was out of state today I really didn't think I'd be able to get all the pieces in place. Somehow we made it work and Finn was trailered back home today, without me even being there to move him! This morning I got a text from BM that Finn had arrived safe and sound and was happily munching hay in his stall. He went out in turnout with his old buds around lunchtime and it was like he had never left. There was no galloping, or whinnying. He went up to his old BFF and started playing halter tag. When it was time to go in at night BM told me Finn tried to take her to his old stall. It's like the past few months didn't even exist...and I really wish they didn't!
   Me and hubby visited him on our way home tonight and hubby turned to me and said "it's like his whole expression has changed....he's happy again!" Even though the hour commute really, really sucks, the peace of mind I get from knowing he's happy and cared for is worth it. I won't have to worry about him getting his meds and supplements, hay, the correct food, getting turned out, etc. He'll be back to his old routine, and my horse really needs his routine. It felt so great to see my barn family again. The barn also just got a sweet new trainer, and I can't wait to take a lesson with her, as well as work with my old dressage trainer too. First ride tomorrow-- get ready for lots more posts, pictures, and a possible show in October!