I can't believe that a few months have passed since I've last blogged. The holidays really did fly by and I also can't believe that it's a new year. Since I last posted regarding acupuncture Finn had a few more acupuncture treatments, a few shoeing adjustments, equioxx, robaxin, and regular massage. Since the back injury, which we can only assume happened while he was playing rough in the paddock as he has recovered, I've decided to make a few changes in his lifestyle. He no longer has turnout and he spends his days locked in his stall covered in back on track gear from head to toe and bubble wrap.... Just kidding. But, as of January 1st he did move into individual turnout and he is doing great in it! Although the turnout his smaller he still has room to stretch his legs, run around, play with the horses (who happen to be mares) over the fence, and throw his jolly ball around. He seems a lot less tense and worried since moving into individual even though I have noticed that his energy level has increased a ton since the change!

 Another awesome thing that happened in the month of December was hubby landed his dream job!! I love seeing him go to work every day with a smile on his face and working a 40 hour (as opposed to 60 hour) work week. We still haven't established a rhythm of passing the baby back and forth so that I can get up to the barn, but I'm sure we'll get there. I've also been working a lot more lately, and hoping that things will slow down in the New Year. Finn's been getting a bit of a vacation this past month as the weather has been absolutely freezing (really wish our indoor was heated!) and only been getting ridden 2 times or so a week. Next week trainer is going to start riding Finn 3 days a week, and I will be lessoning 1 day, and hopefully riding 1-2 more times a week. Looking back at our 2013 goals...we didn't complete a single one of them (complete an event, hunter pace, get off property). All we did was get off property to move to a different barn which ended up being a total disaster.
My goals for 2014 are:
 1. Become a stronger rider. This is absolutely my #1. I've been going to the gym, running, lifting weights, and doing yoga and barre classes. This has made a huge difference in my riding, confidence level, and stickability. I used to not ride for a week, get on my horse, and feel like a beginner. Since starting to work out more I find that if I'm not in the saddle for a while I still feel strong when I do ride.

 2. This is practically tied for #1-- KEEP MY HORSE SOUND AND HEALTHY! I know that this is not something I can control, but I feel like in the nearly two years I've owned Finn I've had my fair share of injuries. Just let him stay sound and uninjured!

 3. Work on both mine and Finn's confidence. Start exposing Finn to more so that we are confident partners.

 4. I'm going to put this out there. I want to go to one show! I don't care if it's a schooling dressage show, or an on property schooling show, just something!

 5. Jump my horse again.

 Here's a short video from a couple week's ago of my trainer riding. He's the little bay trotting. I think he's looking much better!!


  1. Happy New Year, I hope everything goes your way!

  2. Just found your blog, excited to catch up. Hope your new year was great! How old is your baby? I have an 8 month old son balancing horses and a baby can be tricky my fiance is super supportive and works at home for his mom next door so that helps!

    1. Hi Ranch Girl! Thanks for reading my blog!! My daughter will be 3 April 1st. It was very difficult the first year of my daughter's life to balance horses and her, and I really didn't ride much. Now that she is 2+ it is much easier. She doesn't go to daycare, and I luckily work part-time, have a hubby with a flexible work schedule, and a supportive family willing to watch her while I go ride. I really look forward to reading your blog-- especially because you're a mom trying to balance it all too :)