Gift horse

With all the ups and downs I've had with Finn I've been reflecting a lot on our relationship, as we are soon approaching two years together. When I was looking at a horse to buy I looked at two horses. Yep, I test rode two and picked Finn. Horrible I know. I had been looking around online for a while and didn't see anything in my very limited budget that I was interested in going to see in person. I first went to a OTTB rehab farm in New Hampshire and tried out this giant 17h bay on a super cold day in February 2012. He was wild. I think he had been off the track since the previous season and wasn't getting ridden at all. He was very cute, and sweet, but much too much horse for me.

Barn's exercise rider rode him first

Then I rode him...

He kind of looks like Finn?? Maybe I have a thing for dark bays with little stars!

Mid February I went to meet Finn, who was living about an hour south of me at an awesome eventing barn in a foster home. He was the only horse there that looked totally non-eventer. He was skinny, furry, and filthy, standing dejectedly in his small paddock. The awesome girl from the MSPCA who came to meet me pulled him from the paddock and I got to know him, brush him, tack him up, and watch her lunge and ride him first.

When I tried Finn I thought he was perfect. At the time I thought I knew a lot about horses. I had lessoned for most of my life and gone to horse camp. I soon learned that NOTHING can prepare you for horse ownership like horse ownership can. I have learned more about nutrition, spotting and treating injuries, hoof care, reading x-rays, bandaging, dental care, finding the right vet, farrier, massage therapist, barn, chiro, etc. then I ever could. And I wouldn't have it any other way. Finn arrived at the barn I was boarding him at the time the day before my 27th birthday and I don't think I will ever get a better gift in my life.
The day he arrived

Video still from the other day, he's such a beefcake


  1. He's gorgeous! 7 is still young he will mature. I have a very green 3 yr old I sometimes wonder what I got myself into- its going to be a long time before she is really solid!