May Goals and Purchases

I feel like I finally have a horse that I can set small goals with and actually, maybe, achieve them! Here are a few that we'll be working on:

1. Walks! I want to take Avalon on lots of walks- trails, road, indoor, outdoor, around the property. I want to expose her to everything.
2. Work more on tying. Avalon ties fine in her stall (still sometimes pulls back). I'd like to be able to tie her in the aisle or on the hitching post where the wash stall is. Once she can consistently tie for 30 minutes we will start working on cross tying.
3. Give her a bath. Baby girl desperately needs her tail washed and put up in a tail wrap to keep it clean and long.
4. Expose her more to clippers and spray. I've brought the clippers out a few times and she's okay with them, but we definitely need to work on using them more. Same with spray. She can handle a couple of sprays of coat conditioner/fly spray, but then she will get nervous and start dancing around.
5. Expose her to tarps and other scary objects I can think up. Work on them not being scary things.
6. Hopefully take a field trip somewhere with barn mates. I'd love to get her back on the trailer and tag along to a show or clinic, just to get her off the property.
7. Expose her to long lines (attached to halter) and get her to walk forward and turn.

Things I want to purchase this month:
1. Fly mask (flies are already getting bad!).
2. Fly spray
3. Shampoo, blueing shampoo, conditioner, sweat scrape, sponge (I threw out all my old bathing supplies)

Things that need to get done this month:
1. Worm with Panacur
2. Hoof trim


  1. Good goals!! I think long lining her is an excellent idea!

  2. Great goals!! Good luck :)

  3. Sounds like some good goals :)