May Goals: Tarp and Standing Tied

Today I worked on two of our May goals. This is the first time Avalon has ever seen the tarp, and while she won't go over it, she does not mind wearing it or having it flap around. She was so good about it!!

After about 10 minutes with the tarp we moved on to working on standing tied in the aisle. This did not go that smoothly as she had to mouth everything, dance around, and look at everything. I think I will work on ground tying and getting her to stand in the indoor, as well as short sessions actually standing tied. I had her tied to the outside of one of the stalls, and I also had a crosstie attached to one side of her halter. 

I'm trying to keep our sessions short, I don't want to overload her, but she's so cute and awesome it's tough not to keep working with her!!


  1. Don't you just want to take her home and cuddle with her?? She is adorable.