A little nervous

Finn's had some time off. After another bout of terrible hives and meds that work intermittently, I decided it was best to just give him some time off before we move and hope for the best after we move. The drive up there makes me cringe every time I think about it, so rather than stress and get annoyed, Finn's had the life of a pasture puff this past week, and I'm sure he's loving it.

We are supposed to move this Saturday at 10AM. I emailed barn owner last week, called her when I didn't hear back, left a voicemail, and then left another voicemail this week... I wanted to make sure that we were all set to move, that she had all the information she needed, I wanted to get a list of different feeds they use so that I could research and pick the best one for him, and I wanted to get the name of the barn's vet so I could get all his paperwork transferred ASAP. I have not heard back from her. We are moving in 3 days and I have absolutely no information. From the looks of the barn's website she's away at a show all weekend. While checking out the website I noticed the price of board increased by $100 then from what's on my signed boarding contract?! After having my horse at a barn where the owners are super responsive, and the barn manager treats my horse like a prince, I can only hope he'll receive a similar level of care...but I'm seriously doubting that now.

I am confused. And annoyed. And just wish I could have my horse at home so I could take care of him myself.


  1. That's really frustrating. I hope you hear back soon.

  2. Ugh. I absolutely wish that I could have my own land for Archie and a companion. I hate dealing with BO's and BM's, more so if they seem to know little and care less!

    Here's hoping that she's just really, really busy. :)