The almost eventer

Finn had Sunday off. I went up to the barn on Monday to ride in the afternoon and it was nearly 90 degrees. I had downloaded a pretty cool app called cyclemeter on my iphone, with one of the acitivites being horseback riding. I thought it would be cool to have something that tracks my time in the saddle, speed, distance etc. I also ride my bike a lot, so I'll be able to track that too. We had a somewhat short ride (34.52 minutes), due to the heat. We traveled a total of 2.71 miles, with an average speed of 4.66 miles and a top speed of 14.25mph. We also cantered a few ground poles to work on my own release. Finn was also a lot less spooky in the outdoor than he usually is. Finn then got hosed off, and his sheath cleaned (fun).
Aren't I cute?!
Early this morning I get a text from the barn manager "Hi, sorry but Finn is covered in hives again this AM".
Yesterday was his last day of treatment. This morning his hives were back before he was even turned out. After a frantic call into the vet we're going to do four more days of treatment and see where we are then. Finn will be turned out with his fly sheet from now on. If his hives come back again we'll have to do allergy testing. The vet seems to think that when we move his hives might subside. The barn we're moving to isn't nearly as buggy or dusty. 
     When I first got my plucky, little 15.3h TB with his myriad of health and behavioral issues....Well I had dreams of Rolex. 

Then our first summer looked like this:

We're jumping all of 12 inches, practically cavaletti, and I'm terrified. Before Finn, I was leasing a total packer. Perfect post-baby horse, and perfect horse to take to hunter paces and gallop 3ft cross country fences no problem, because I knew I would be fine. Now I have a green TB who I probably have no business or right owning. I probably should have that packer to take me to that first event. I love Finn, but he is no packer. He spooks at the wind moving through the grass, rears when nervous or excited, and I honestly can't imagine taking him to a show. My fear of what could happen outweighs everything. I guess I expected to go from jumping the old QH through courses and feeling like the most confident rider ever...To applying those same principles to Finn. Instead, we've dealt with a year of on and off mystery lameness that we now have under control, a couple of moves, and now severe, seasonal allergies. A few weeks ago I was thinking about taking him to a little schooling dressage show next weekend, now I'm thinking how to best manage my horse's allergies and if he's going to be a mess all summer. I know that there are riders out there who get a new horse, even a green one, and take him to a show a few weeks later. I am not that type of rider. I am a perfectionist through and through, and want to be 100% prepared before we attempt to do anything. It seems like our whole past year together has been a bunch of let downs. Last November we got into one of the clinics at Equine Affaire (a huge equine expo) with Julie Goodnight. I was ecstatic, and couldn't believe we got in. Then, we couldn't find a trailer ride down there. Then when we finally found a ride, Finn was lame. Audition video for Equine Affaire:

 Watching that video (taken over the course of a few weeks last August-September), I know we've come so far since then. It's just slow going. I do not want this to be another summer where we are just dealing with more issues. Let's hope the stars line up for us this season. 

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