Luckily the vet was able to come out right away to take a look at Finn's hives:
They were even worse than this on his sides

After a steroid shot and a day of dexamethasone (of a four day treatment) his hives cleared right up. The vet said his lungs sounded really raspy, but she attributed it to allergies, and not something more serious like pneumonia. She also recommended soaking his hay from now on so he won't be breathing in the dust from it. The barn he's at right now is extremely dusty. The paddocks are dirt and there is basically just dirt and dust everywhere. Luckily, his new barn has grass paddocks and just a whole lot more greenery. I'm hoping his normal little warm up cough (two or three coughs), and his super dry hooves, will subside once we move. Two weeks from now we'll be all moved in to our new home and I can't wait!  Vet also tested for Vitamin E and Selenium deficiency. Finn's had a pretty dull coat recently, even though he's on Omega's, and the vet thought it would be worth it to test. New England is very deficient in Vit. E/Selenium, and even though he's on a supplement, she thought it might not be enough. Results should be in around Wednesday.
   After a week of dealing with Finn's allergies he was finally better for a lesson on Saturday. There was a  well known dressage clinician there that day, so the barn was packed, and Finn was very excited about all the activity. I had the best lesson, and I really feel like we're making progress (finally). I think I'm getting much more consistent in my contact, and a lot more following and not so stuck. My reins felt like elastics. I'm also much better about using my left rein, which is something I always struggle with. We still had some llama moments in the canter, but our trot was great, Finn was supple, really using his back, and not hollowing at all. He is getting so much stronger and I can even see a difference in his topline. Two things I needed to be reminded about constantly was "chin up" (I look at his ears), and to sit back ( I always tilt forward). Then...we did a little jumping. It's been a while since I've jumped him, and oh boy was he excited. There is nothing Finn likes more than jumping. Luckily he really takes care of me over jumps. My trainer could see my nerves...even over a little two foot cross rail, so she made me sing the ABC's over the jumps. This helped a lot! I'm hoping that the more often we jump, and the more I just trust my horse, my nerves won't kick in so much. I also asked my trainer if she'd be interested in teaching me at my new barn. She said she'd love to, but it will probably only be twice a month, as new barn charges a ring fee. After our lesson Finn got a good hosing off. While we were in the wash stall the clinician came up to me and said that I had the most talented little horse, and that she just loved him. I definitely liked hearing that!


  1. Very cool that a random person complimented Finn. Yay for no more hives - hopefully the change in scenery helps!

  2. What a great compliment from the clinician! Hope those hives improve quickly.

  3. Hope the hives go away soon! and yay for the great compliment!

  4. Hopefully a new environment will help him get back to normal.