Finn seemed a little bit better yesterday. Although I hate that he's on stall rest and in pain, I like taking care of him when he's so sweet and not all wild eyed. I sat with him in his stall for hours yesterday and he kept coming over to me, nickering, and nuzzling on me. It's the first time he's shown real affection towards me. He's been so good about keeping his foot in the tub of water/epsom salt, and so good about not moving around and getting all crazy. When the vet was here the other day he felt a digital pulse in nearly all four legs...and wanted to test for Lyme. Yesterday afternoon vet came back to test. I assumed he was going to pull blood and send it to Cornell. Instead he did a SNAP test, which I thought only tested whether or not the horse had ever been exposed, not whether or not there was an active infection. Well of course he tested positive, and we put him on Doxy. He does have alot of the symptoms, and a bunch of horses in the barn have it, but I still want to get blood pulled and sent to Cornell. So after a $650 vet bill weekend my horse is still a hobbling mess. I pulled him out of his stall and the old man hobbled into the indoor and we did a little hand walking/standing around. He was happy for a change of scenery. He does not seem to be in any pain, I just feel horrible about how he looks and is acting.
     There was all this drama at the barn last night...Nobody showed up to bring horses in/feed, and barn owner was no where in site. One of the boarders called one of the young girls that works there, and the girl said barn owner was supposed to bring in and feed. Instead, the girl showed up, brought everyone in, fed, and didn't know where barn owner was. It's all very confusing and unorganized. I'm very concerned that my horse isn't, or won't be, receiving his meds/supplements/correct grain/water/hay, because there's so many different people working, and NO organization.
     After spending the afternoon with Finn I went and checked out the co-op barn my friends board at. I loved it. It's super quiet, huge, flat, grassy turout, very clean, and very organized. It runs differently than most co-op's I've seen. Instead of having to do your stall every day, you choose one day a week and do chores for all boarders. So I would go in the AM feed, turnout, stalls, clean, water, and then bring in and feed PM. Hay is included in board, and you have to supply your own hay and shavings. There is no indoor, but there is an indoor across the street that you can use if you take lessons with the dressage trainer. I liked the set up, but it is 50 minutes from my house. The girls said they wouldn't mind doing PM chores (turn in and feed) on the day that would be mine. It's also really inexpensive, and if I took lessons with trainer next door, bought my own hay/shavings, I still wouldn't even be paying with I am now for full board. And I'd have a support system, and Michelle to do training rides on him. Although I don't want to move him AGAIN, I have to. But, I want to make the right decision for us so that I don't have to move him anymore.


  1. Hope Fin feels better!!!

    Good luck with the barn move.. I wouldn't be able to handle to lack or organization!! Gotta do what's best for you and Fin!

  2. Poor Fin :( Hope he feels better and you get some news. The lack of organization at the barn would be frustrating to me as well.

  3. Poor Finn and poor you. *hug* sounds stressful.