The lame game

The cards are not in our favor. Michelle is still planning on doing training rides on Finn (she lives right down the street from our new barn!) and I was psyched that she was going to come out and ride him today. Got up to the barn this afternoon and the horses were already in. Put Finn on the cross ties and he was an absolute dream! Calm, quiet, and just the perfect gentleman that I know. When Michelle got there he was already tacked up and ready to go. We hand walked him through the indoor, and down the long gravel path to the outdoor. No spook, and just caaaalm. We were so busy chatting we weren't really paying attention. When we got to the outdoor Michelle goes.... "I think he's lame". Sure enough, completely lame on the right front. No heat. No swelling. Tried to trot him out, he couldn't. Hobbled our way back to the barn. My farrier had shod him on Wednesday, and although I didn't think it was a hoof issue, called him up and he said he'd be right out (he is AWESOME and lives right down the road). Hoof tested him and he tested a bit sore on the left front, but not the right front?? We didn't bother pulling any shoes just yet. Farrier felt a slight pulse...in all four...but nothing throbbing. Barn trainer came over and said that during the barn's schooling show this morning Finn was turned out and he was so worked up and galloping around that she had to put him in because he was causing a scene. Said he probably pulled something because he was being an idiot. JUST. GREAT. Buted him, and he's on stall rest for now. Will reevaluate tomorrow about calling vet or not. Argh.