A fresh start

The move could not have gone smoother. Got up to the barn around 7am and rode Finn first. After having a significant amount of time off he was HOT. He almost unseated me bucking, and popping all four legs off the ground picking up the canter. I probably should have lunged first! Finn had a bit of an issue loading, as he's never been on a ramp trailer, but once he saw his buddy Jake hop right on he was all for it. Pulled up to the barn, unloaded, and Finn was so well behaved. Most of the time when he's nervous/excited he has horrible ground manners, but he was really great. Finn and Jake were turned out in their own, huge grass paddock. I'm pretty sure they'll be the only two in this paddock so we shouldn't have any more issues with ripped halters/fly masks, or little bites all over him. There were tons of people up at the barn and everyone was super nice. Barn owner got us all settled in and helped us put our stuff away. There's tons of storage space and I'm able to keep my saddle, bridle, brushes, and stuff I regularly use near his stall, and his big tack trunk upstairs. When I left the barn Finn was happily munching grass like he's lived there his whole life. It just seems like such a peaceful place and I really think we're both going to be happy there. Tomorrow afternoon I plan on going up, riding him in the indoor, and hopefully walking him around the property to show him everything as long as he's calm enough.


  1. It's a beautiful property! Hope you guys settle quickly and stay happy there.