Super husband

Finn is still very lame. Yesterday I was working and wasn't able to make it up to the barn so Matt went up to the barn for me and soaked, rewrapped his hoof, iced his leg, sore-no-more'd him, and gave him a massage. He also talked to barn owner! A lot of things were cleared up that I was having an issue with. Finn is now on free choice hay, and barn owner was horrified that he didn't have any water . They are also hiring a barn administrator to make sure all horses are getting what they're supposed to get. His stall is also getting extra bedding while he's injured. Barn owner said that if we don't tell her what we're having issues with, she can't address and fix things. She's absolutely right. I know a lot of my frustration is stemming from his lameness.
    I don't think Finn has a hoof abscess. After soaking hoof with epsom and hot water, and packing hoof with a variety of different things (flax seed, icthammol, animalintex), there have been no signs of an abscess, or any improvement. We walked him in the indoor a bit today and he is probably about 25% better than he was the other day.
    Soaked his hoof (he's a champ with this), iced his leg, and rewrapped hoof with animalintex. Then Finn got to hang out in his BOT sheet, then he got a massage with his Equilibrium Massage Mitt. This thing was one of the best purchases ever. Finn LOVES it. I thought he'd be a bit nervous with the buzzing, but he's obsessed with it, and would stand forever while I give him a massage. He leans his whole body into it and closes his eyes. I think he's really enjoying all the attention, I just wish he'd get better.
     The barn has a standing weekly appointment with a wonderful vet, and on Thursday Finn will be seen by the vet for some nerve blocks/radiographs/ultrasound. This guy is at the top of his field in diagnostics, and I need to know what's going on.
This video is from today. He has gone from extremely lame (unable to walk), to this. Head bobbing at walk, tripping. Both heel bulbs are a bit swollen on left front. His left hoof is a little warm. There is no heat/swelling/sensitivity anywhere on any of his legs or his shoulders. He was on bute for four days. I stopped the bute last night, and he is not acting like he's in pain. He's eating/drinking/pooping, and acting pretty normal. 
I bought Finn a bag of Safe Starch Forage to keep him occupied while I work with his leg. He gets so excited when I show up to the barn with a bucket of it. He loves it!

The very ghetto way of icing your horse's leg.

Look at all my hay!


  1. Glad some of your concerns were addressed! Hopefully the vet gives you some good news on Thursday

  2. Hope that Finn starts feeling better! And that's great that things improved at the barn. I hope that its a consistent thing and that things don't resort back to the way they were.