I do have some news to share, but I am going to wait until tomorrow after Finn gets a bunch of x-rays. For now, Ranch Girl Diaries posted a cool interview, so feel free to post your answers to your blog too.

1. What is your favorite breed/s of horse, and if you could purchase a new horse what breed would it be?As a kid I rode Morgans and I will always have a soft spot for them. I would love to own one. They are super smart, hardy, and versatile. Definitely the type of horse that can go for days, event, trail ride, do dressage, western, everything. I rode huntseat at a mostly saddleseat barn and was amazed that these Morgans can go from doing saddleseat (and winning big championships), to taking me over cross rails. 

2. What is your favorite personal tack item?I would have to say my Micklem bridle. I love what it's done for Finn, I could never use another bridle. Also love my Myler Level 1 Comfort Snaffle, best bit ever. 

3. Horse products you swear by?A curry comb! I love to curry my horse, preferably with the glove like one that fits right over your hand that you can use over the whole body including the legs and face. Simple, but so effective. 

4. Rider products or items you swear by?FITS All Season Original Pull On breeches. Since buying my first pair I will not ride in anything else. They're a pain in the ass to wash, so I just bought more pairs so I don't have to wash them as much. I would seriously wear these everywhere and not just in the saddle, they are that comfortable and that flattering. 

5. Favorite tack catalogs to shop from?Smart Pak is my absolute favorite. I've had a couple of bad Dover Saddlery experiences, so I won't shop from them anymore. Since I live in Massachusetts, the retail store is only half an hour from me. If I order online from Smart Pak before 3pm, I always receive the delivery the next day. Customer service is amazing. 

6. Is your home decorated "horsey", as in western or equestrian-themed?Not at all! I have a few pictures in frames here and there, but nothing horsey themed at all. 

7. Do you wear horse, Western, or equestrian-themed jewelry?I hate jewelry. I wear my engagement ring and wedding band only. 

8. A style of riding you'd like to try sometime? I would love to try endurance...maybe with that Morgan I buy someday!

9. Biggest lesson you've learned about horses?When you want to buy a horse get a PPE. Once you buy said horse get insurance, don't wait. 

10. Is your significant other a rider too?My guy loves to ride. He has no time to ride, but he loves it. He's been on Finn a few times, and has even cantered him (accidentally). He's also taken a few lessons (where he really shocked me with how natural he was), and has also gone on some trail rides with me. My guy is just a big animal lover in general. 

11. What horse issues bother you the most?
People that don't have the horse's best interests in mind, or people that ride their poor (lame) horses into the ground, and then toss them. 

12. Favorite horse magazines to read, or do you just read blogs/online sites?Not really a magazine person, but I love blogs, and COTH. As I kid I read Young Rider obsessively. 

13. String along some thoughts that summarize your involvement of horses......
lame...lame...lame....hocks...stifles...SI's....lame....lame...lame. my life is the story of the lame horse. Just kidding.

14. Do you ever look on Craigslist or Dreamhorse or Horseclicks.com for horses or tack? For fun or real?I always look. And mostly for real. I like dreamhorse because I can plug in the characteristics that would be the basis for what I would look for in a new horse: 100 miles from my zip code, under the age of 10, under $10k, over 15 hands. I know this is very non specific but typically what I start with. I also love browsing equine site, which is a New England based site. It's a good place to look for both horses and tack. 


  1. Yea! So fun love your answers and that I found another Morgan fan out there (I learned to ride on a little chunky Morgan mats when I was 10.) Oh no please tell me your Dover stories- i have anorder of riding breeches on the way and I'm about to place an order for a saddle! Anything I should know? And I love that your guy cantered "accidently!" :-)

    1. Hehehe, awww :) Oh nothing bad! You'll be fine. It's mostly in store stuff, like not having items that they told me they had over the phone when I got to the store, and that they could order them for me, and it would take a week, etc, when I could just go on SmartPak's website and have my items the next day. :) I also paid in cash once for a bridle that didn't fit my horse, when I returned it 3 days later they told me they could only give me a gift card for the amount. I thought that was strange. I think SmartPak's customer service, return policy, and shipping is WAY better than Dover, but I don't think I'd feel the same if I lived far away from SmartPak.

    2. Okay thanks- I called Dover to ask questions about the saddle and had good response and it sounds like their saddle return policy is generous. I do think SP sounds like a fabulous place to order from but they don't have the saddle I want. Also I wanted to ask regarding the comment about the Jean-like breeches you have and like, what brand are they? Thanks!

  2. Silly phone-i meant chunky little Morgan mare! :)